Migration and Identity

Migration, identity and integration

The European refugee and migration crisis, in parallel with a worsening of the humanitarian and socioeconomic conditions in several countries that have been hit by conflicts or that have declined even further economically (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, a few countries in the Sahel and others), may not be unique in terms of size and intensity of the migration flows globally, but it is unique for Europe.

We are dealing with several interconnected issues, traditionally belonging to distinct policy areas (which poses an additional challenge for governments and even experts precisely because we need comprehensive approaches):

  • Border management;
  • Relations with key neighbors;
  • Domestic concerns (costs of assistance and processing, “welfare shopping”, labor markets, crime, terrorism);
  • Longer-term integration processes, challenges of multicultural societies, role of religion;
  • Link to ongoing debates on conflict resolution and development aid as a global issue.


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