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European security and defense: the internal-external link

Europe needs a new concept of security, addressing more directly the daily concerns of its citizens and factoring in the changing nature of the risks and threats within the EU borders and beyond them.

A key requirement is to devise security policies that better link internal and external tools – from police and intelligence in counterterrorism to cybersecurity instruments and the whole spectrum of military force. It is essential that European resources be spent more effectively, through pooling and economies of scale, but it is also necessary for policy-makers to make the case for increased investments in defense – also in light of the commitments made in the NATO context by most European governments.

The European “Global Strategy” presented in June 2016 provides a useful framework for forward thinking in this complex policy area. The Brexit process is providing an additional impetus to a rethinking of common priorities and necessary capabilities in the field of foreign, security and defense policies.


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