Our Idea

“A disunited Europe would make the West much weaker: avoiding this scenario is a common interest – for Europe and the US”

The two sides of the Atlantic share most fundamental values, many political institutions and economic standards, and a host of XXI century challenges and problems that have emerged in our societies.

We can still shape the future by translating diversity into creativity – just as the West’s history (for all its twists and turns) teaches. There is no simple recipe to rebuild trust in the ability of Europe and the wider West to address the legitimate concerns of our citizens, but there are key priorities.

For the first time since the Rome Treaties, a gradual disintegration of the EU is possible. The increase of euro-skepticism and the rise of illiberal and populist forces in different European countries put the European project at risk.

Europe, in the post-Brexit scenario, is going through an existential crisis.